After starting his career as a translator in 1985, Alexander has been involved in a variety of services each gaining him practical skills. The beginning of his career would see him as a military translator deployed in Iraq. After his discharge from service he filled a variety of roles like a contractor for a US oil producer, headed import-export departments in three large companies, worked for a western manufacturer as its representative in the Ukrainian market. Finally he directed his skills and expertise to translation industry and thus became a full-time freelancer. Since his first foreign military assignment in 1985 - 1988 Alexander has traveled widely, spanning the Middle East, Asia, US, UK, Scandinavia and continental Europe.

He welcomes translation projects from all types of organizations and private clients (be it Military, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Business, Equipment Hardware and Software, Agriculture, Ecology, Legal, Industry and Equipment, Power Engineering, Building and Construction, Customs Documentation and Procedure, Fiction, Politics).

Of course, he is realistic enough to know his limitations, where his competence lies and where it ends. He would thus consider carefully, before making or accepting any bids, whether any given text or project is right for him, whether he can really be of help to a potential client. If not, he will pass it up. If yes, he will make a serious offer.


Alexander is Kharkiv National University graduate, the reputable school which holds high positions in the national and international ranking by Times Higher Education World University Rankings version.

The school is listed in the ATA index of approved translation and interpreting schools

(the CV in .pdf format will be submitted upon request)